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Our Mission

Our mission at AEON-Fusion is to offer an interoperable and regulatory compliant AI/ML platform for Medtech, Biopharma & healthcare.

Our FUSION Platform provides a market ready, software as a medical service (SaMS) offering a truly personalized, predictive, precision patient centric platform that can significantly enhance the efficiency of Medtech and BioPharma and digital therapeutics (DTx) products applicable to any therapeutic area. 

Our Story

AEON is a company built on the back of over 10 years of experience in the Digital Healthcare space. Our roots began in developing drug delivery technology, which evolved with the market advances to building intelligent connected drug delivery technologies and eventually creating complete digital ecosystems.  

Having gained insight and experience from developing medical grade hardware and software working with various partners, we identified that  healthcare is finally digitising but NOT optimising their portfolio offerings. These gaps takes away the benefits of digital medicine for all stakeholders. 

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