Dive into the New Age of Accelerated Data Analytics & Exchange with our FusionTM Platform

Our Services

Our FUSIONTM Platform Integrates directly with your Platform 

Our FUSIONTM platform integrates directly with any existing platform or ecosystem to securely allow data exchange between various stakeholders. 

The FUSIONTM platform offers a secure central hub that allows instant data collection, transformation and flow between various stakeholders. This allows all areas of digital healthcare to be interconnected, creating the worlds first and only interoperability digital medicine platform.  

Cloud Based Platform

Our Cloud integration approach uses a system of tools and technologies to connect various applications, systems, repositories, and IT environments for the real-time exchange of data and processes.

Data Security & Privacy

Privacy compliance support, including audit logs, data retention, incident response and breach notifications, Data Protection Impact Assessment, and patient consent management.

 Open Integration Platform 

Our FUSIONTM platform is a platform & device-agnostic solution that can easily support multiple products and services.

Full Customer Experience Service

FUSIONTM generates real-time insights from real-world drug development, medical device and DTx data.


Our Dashboards provide analytics to enable patient communication, to enhance DTx. Drug and device utilization data to support real-world evidence of drug adherence. Our multiple and fully customisable dashboard offers a great user experience as you can easily create and receive the data you want. 

Web Consultation

AEON - Consultancy services in Digital Healthcare

AEON also offers a wide variety of consultancy services to help support and grow all areas of digital healthcare. We are here for the advancement of this digital medicine field and aim to do this by supporting all stakeholders. We have extensive knowledge and experience in connected medical device and software as a medical device (SaMD) design, development and deployment into the marketplace. 


Let us help you in navigating the pathway from an idea of a digital health product right through to real-world use. We can advise on usability, functionality, engineering and design, clinical data collection and regulatory challenges to build the best offerings possible and speed up your time to market.